So much has changed since I gave my heart to the Lord.

I never thought I would be where I am. The things the Lord shows me and speaks to me have been awesome.

The following is what happened when my Mom passed away and the visions and dreams have just gotten more intense since then. There have been many confirmations through words from others who knew nothing about what the Lord had blessed me with.

You see, I was blessed with seeing my Mom being lead into heaven by Jesus. I live in Florida and she lived in Mississippi. I knew the exact time she passed and the vision of it all was beyond words.

I was sleeping but was awakened and I heard what sounded like hundreds of birds singing. You may think that’s not unusual but this was around 3:00 AM and dark outside. I sat there for a while thinking, “Am I really hearing what I think I am?” I was hearing them!

Then all of a sudden in front of me I saw a beautiful rose that was shining. Light was shining from it. That rose then turned into a cross which also was shining very brightly. That faded and I was then shown a wheat field where the wheat was flowing like a breeze was going across it. Beautiful butterflies were flying up from this wheat field and they also were shining very brightly.

Then as that faded I suddenly saw what I believe was me but like I was seeing through someone else’s eyes. I was standing and looking down at bare feet. Then my attention was brought to someones bare feet that were to my left, right beside me. I was then moved and was standing off to the left but in front of the two people. When I looked, I saw Jesus and beside Him to the left of Him was my Mom. Her right arm was under His left and their hands were together.

They were walking past me and in front of them I saw thousands of people coming to meet my Mom and welcoming her into Heaven.

I was then back into my living room and started writing all this down and just had written the following… I don’t know if they know it yet but Mom is in Heaven now. I no sooner said it then the phone rang and it was sister-in-law telling me my Mom passed away and I said “Yes I know” and I told her when and she was in shock that I knew when it happened. I woke my roommate Pat up and told her that we had to go because my Mom passed away. As we are getting ready I was telling her what the Lord showed me.

We got into the car, headed to my Pat’s parents house to drop a few things off and as we were going at about 3:30 to 4:00 am, I heard birds in the car. I asked Pat if she heard that but she didn’t. We dropped the stuff off and get out on the interstate headed north at 70 mph. Not far up the road the car fills up with singing birds again and this time Pat heard them!

Many miles before we got to another interstate to go west we saw the most beautiful rainbow you will ever see and it lasted for a LONG, LONG time!

After driving a ways, Pat decided to lean back in the seat. Not long after that as I came up to a town in Florida that has the same name of the town where my Mom lived in MS. As I passed the off ramp sign for this town, a white dove came from my right and went in front of the car, stopped suddenly in the median and I stared at it as I passed it. When I looked in the rear-view mirror it was gone. I told Pat “I JUST SAW A WHITE DOVE”and told her what happened. Hold on the story still is not over.

We got to my brother’s house and I told them “I have to tell you what God blessed me with” and they smile and say “we also have something to tell you.”

They called their daughter out and we were sitting there and I start telling them about what God showed me. When I told them about the birds they were in awe because at the same time I heard the birds here in Florida, they heard them in Mississippi.

My Sister in-law and her daughter were with my Mom when she passed and they had walked outside on the front porch of the nursing home where my Mom was and when they walked out they heard birds singing! They heard LOTS of BIRDS! There is an hour difference in our time and theirs, they are an hour behind us.

How awesome is God! To allow me and bless me with such an awesome gift to not only see my Mom going into Heaven but also to allow me the honor and privilege of hearing the birds and seeing the rainbow and the dove.

God loves us. He wants us all with Him and will come to you if you will come to Him and YES, there is a Heaven and many are waiting to greet us when we get there.

May this experience that God gave me comfort those who wonder if there is one. I know there will be those who will not believe this but that’s okay because I know what I experienced and I know it was God who blessed me with these things!


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