Written by me J.L. Russell 9/29/2015

She jumps up, gets dressed, grabs a notebook and pencil and runs out the door, making her way to a field filled with Wild flowers, laying a blanket down in the middle of them.

What a beautiful day the Lord has made she says to herself, soaking in all that is around her.

She watches as a beautiful butterfly floats from one flower to the next, ever so graceful in its flight. She hears the songs of many birds filling the air with their music, watching as some land ever so closely to her. Then something catches her attention as she looks down she sees an inch worm making its way up the leg of her pants, the little inch worm gets her mind going so she opens her notebook and starts to write.

Our life is like that inch worm. Day by day, month after month, we inch our way through life.

Like that inch worm we may choose the wrong path, some times falling, some times struggling to get to where we want to go. As times goes by, inch by inch, that inch worm eventually gets to where it’s going, never giving up.

Just like that inch worm, many of us have a final destination in mind. The inch worms destination was to get to top of the pants legs, our destination is to get to heaven.

She reaches down and ever so gentle lets the inch worm make its way onto her hand. She then tenderly lets it make its way onto a leaf, making its way in life, following the path laid before it.

We are like that inch worm. We struggle, have trials, many things falling into our path in life, but like that inch worm if we stay focus on our final destination we will make it to that mountain top, the one that leads us to Jesus.

She then closes her notebook, taking another look at all the beauty around her that the Lord has made, then slowly makes her way to her destination, home, knowing one day her home will be heaven.

I pray your final destination in life, your home, will be heaven, soaking in all the Lord has for you.


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