This is a dream I was blessed with a few years ago.

It was like I was off a ways looking out onto a big desert. I could see a few small hills here and there off a ways. As I was looking out across the desert I could see a paved road that looked like it went on forever in the distance. As I was looking out across the desert an old pickup came into view, like maybe a 1950’s model. Within a blink of an eye I was in this truck with two other people, so there were all together three of us in the truck. I had no idea who they were but the person driving I some how knew that they knew where they were going and I felt calmness about everything. We rode for a good while on this road, then I suddenly went from inside the pickup to standing outside a cave. The cave was in front of me but off to the left.

The next thing I knew I saw JESUS walking out of the cave carrying three bottles in His arms. I knew it was Him without a doubt. The best description of what the bottles looked liked were like a zigzag shape. He never looked at me but walked out from the cave, out past me but off a ways and then I heard the following words come from Him “I am going to show you three things like you have never been seen before.” He never moved His mouth but I heard those words clearly.

Then I suddenly was inside the cave using my foot to kick sand around like I was looking for something but I had no idea what. After a few times of doing this I found an odd thing, my wallet. Then the dream ended.

I feel like the three things to be seen will come over time when He is ready for me to see it. I have no idea what my wallet had to do with it but Gods knows.

I know He will reveal what the things are but don’t believe it will all be at one time. I believe each time it will be something I will never forget and there will be no doubt it was one of the three things.

He is such an awesome God. I am so humbled that He blesses me, just an ordinary person, with the visions and dreams that He gives me. The visions and dreams have become even stronger, especially the visions in the last year or so. I can tell you this, twenty years from now I know I still will be just as in awe of the visions and dreams then as I am now.

Thank you Lord for allowing me the honor to be given such a gift from you.


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