I was praying the other night and a word came to me that if you knew me its not one I would normally use or think of. The word the Lord blessed me with is “eradicate.” What are some of the equivalent words of eradicate….. eliminate, get rid of, weed out, root out and remove are some.
This is what we all need to try and do when it comes to things in our life that’s not of God. Get to the root of what they are and weed out the things that pull us away from Him.
Think about it, when you have weeds in your yard or garden and you go out and pull them up, if you don’t get to the root of it it will just grow back. The root must go.
Remember we don’t have to carry the past with us into the present and future. When we carry the weeds, like anger, hurt, hate, unforgiveness and the many other things of our past into the present with us, what happens? They like weeds will continue to pop back up and like weeds it can slowly take over.
May we each start trying to eradicate the weeds by letting go and giving the weeds of our life to the Lord to carry and destroy for us. To eliminate them one root at a time. When we do the difference will show in our words, our thoughts, our actions, everything. The feeling will be beyond belief.
Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

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