Angel Watch written by me J.L. Russell 8/17/2013

Each day as I went to work I would see the same woman standing on the sidewalk holding a sign, rain or sunshine she would be there always smiling and waving. She looked to be in her 60’s.
For some reason I decided to stop this morning and pick up some coffee along with a few bagels to eat.
As I drove up to the spot where she always stood, sure enough I saw her but this time I stopped, found a place to park, grabbed the coffee and bagels and started walking to where she was.
The closer I got the more I could see of her. She looked tired and not in great health but still had a smile on her face. I introduced myself and then handed her a cup of coffee and a bagel. We stood there talking for what seemed like hours.
I told her I pass here almost every day and she is always here whether it’s raining or the sun is shining but today I felt like I needed to stop and speak to her.
My name is Mary, she said. I come here every day to be with my angels. She was smiling as she said it. Many thoughts ran through my mind and one of them was that she must be losing her mind.
As we continued to talk, she told me that she had a great job, a husband, and 2 children. They worked hard, had a nice home and loved their children. They did everything to try to raise their children right, teaching them about the Lord and other things but one night that all ended.

She went on telling her story. The kids had grown up and were teenagers, thinking they knew everything about the world. One night after an argument with my husband and me, they took off together. We knew right then there was nothing we could say that would stop them and out the door they went.
My husband and I couldn’t sleep that night, worried about where they were and if they were safe. She stopped for a minute, taking a sip of coffee and wiping away the tears that were flowing down her face. It was around 3:00am when we received a phone call, it was them. They were tired, hungry and wanted to come home so we got in the car to go get them.
Something must have happen though before we got to them, because by the time we got there they had changed their mind about coming home. I went back to the car, listening to the 3 of them argue back and forth. My husband was trying to convince them to come back home, telling them that we loved them and God loves them and we just want what’s best for them . As time went on, the kids were really getting mad and all of a sudden decided to take off running into the road to get away from him, my husband ran after them. The next thing I knew I saw headlights and saw all three go flying into the air. I jumped out of the car and ran towards them, not knowing which one to go to first. As I got to my kids who were lying close to one another, I could see their mangled bodies had no life in them. They were gone. Tears were pouring down my cheeks and my heart was aching more than it ever had.
I then thought of my husband and I ran over to him. He slowly opened his eyes as I got to him. I was screaming at him not leave me too. I looked at him and said I love you, take care of our angels and he took his last breath. My world felt like it has ended. I lost everything that meant the most to me, my husband and children.

She stopped for a minute looking toward the middle of the road. I could not have gotten through the pain of it all if it wasn’t for knowing one day I would be with them and my Lord. You see I know God and my angels were always with me, watching over me and I know God gave me the strength to get through the pain.
She continued telling me, through the tears, Every day since then I come to the spot where they last were alive, the spot where we are standing right now. I never want to miss a day. They are with me, all three of my angels, watching over me. I have been doing this for 30 years now but my health is going down and I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up. The many years of doing this have taken a toll on my body.
We talked for a while longer than I told her I needed to go. As I walked to my car tears were flowing down my face and it was all I could do to drive where I needed to go.

As time went on, I would see her, then there were days I would not see her. Then a week, then two weeks went by and I no longer saw her smiling face. I knew then I would never she her again.
It’s now many months later, I am tired from working all week but here I am, standing on the same corner with a sign, smiling and waving at the people passing by with the same words on my sign that were on hers, reminding people;


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