I was blessed with a vision from our Lord on 12/17/2016. I saw a cross that was on fire and it was moving forward, going around the earth.

I then hear the following- “Those who seek Me will learn how much I love them. May My word burn in their soul and spirit. May they come to know Me. May they learn of Me. May they learn to love Me as much as I love them.

I then see the word “Right.” Then hear the words “Right Now.” He says “Moments to come, hear.”

The Lord says….. He wants to see fire in us for Him. To seek Him in everything we do.

I hear “All those who are thirsty come to Me.” I then saw a ladle with water in it and it was given to me. I drank from it and heard “You will thirst no more. Drink of my cup. Serve Me!”

Then hear “The field is ready, plant the seeds.” Then “May My word go out to all the Nations. The time is coming for a change. The time is coming for a change now!”

I then hear “I am steering you in the right direction. I (God) am guiding you.” Then hear the words “Doors opened.” “Your light is my light.” He says, “I will shine through you for many to see. May they hear my word. May they come to me.” Then hear “The match is lit. The fire is starting. Let it burn inside of you. Stir yourselves up for Me,” He says!

When we put God first nothing is impossible. May His word and ways be seen by all we come across each day. Remember even if its a little ember that is received, a little flicker of flame that was taken in by someone. You never know that flicker or flame one day may become a person on fire for the Lord.

Remember one person on fire for God can change the world!


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