Dedicated to my Mom who passed away in 2013.

Having a Heavenly Time by me J.L. Russell…….

I wish I could tell you the things I am seeing,

the beauty of it and oh, the singing.

The mansions He promised are beyond describing.

Yes, the things I am seeing are beyond description.

I recently joined Moses and Mary in a heavenly choir,

we were all singing praises to our loving God.

I came across Elijah, Mary, the mother of Jesus and then

went for a walk and saw Peter and John having one heavenly time.

We have a great feast everyday with food beyond belief

and guess what, you don’t gain any weight.

The colors here I can’t describe, just look at the colors

He made there on earth then times that many times.

So don’t cry for me because I am no longer with you

I am in heaven with my loving God having one heavenly


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