If you think about it, really think about those words, how many of you are doing this?

Does a week go by without you using the words “If Only” or “I Wish I Would Have” or “I Should Have” or whatever the words may be?

How many times in a week do you glance into that review mirror? Is it once, twice, three times or more?

When you come to the Lord. When you gave Him your heart and your life and you have asked for and received His forgiveness of your sins, those sins are gone and forgotten, the past is gone and it’s called the past for a reason, its passed. You can’t change it, you can’t go back in time, you can’t make a different decisions, because that day, hour and minute is gone.

There is something you can do now though and that is stop looking into that rear-view mirror and start looking through the windshield. Look at whats ahead of you and see the awesome things in-store for you, especially when you have the Lord doing all the guidance and restoring.

God wants you to focus on the here and now and the future, not on the things of the past. When you asked for and received His forgiveness your slate was wiped clean. You were reborn. You have a new heart, a heart for God. Start looking through the windshield and as you go, take Jesus on the ride with you, so He can every now and then, when the windshield gets a crack in it, stop it from spreading and completely restoring what needed to be fixed.


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