I stay out of politics, don’t even like talking about them, don’t watch TV, the news and don’t usually post about it. So this is not something I got from watching the news or anything else.

On 11/30/2016 I was shown a vision. I see what looks like one corn stalk ready to be harvested but for some reason I lean to my right and I see 4 more lined up right behind it. I hear “Five years of abundance, then save!”

I then see two space shuttles standing up, joined together. I hear “Two forces coming together. Joining together. Two shall become like one.”

I then saw an old book of laws, very old. Like the laws of this country and heard “Israel and America will join together.” “This country will get back to how it is was founded. These fighting forces will be unstoppable.”

Felt the Lord wanted me to share this vision and word now. Thank you Lord for allowing and blessing me with being able to share your word, the visions and the dreams you bless me with.


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