Have you noticed when you call a number how often you speak to a machine instead of a person and how often that you never get a call back from leaving a message?

With all the technology we have now, getting to speak to someone when you call a number has almost become non existent.

You go to restaurants, stores, offices, you name it, people always have their cell phone in their hand. Pay attention to how many people you see who actually talk on the phone compared to texting.

Even in churches it has become more and more about entertainment (music and events, constantly doing things) than speaking Gods words or having fellowship with others.

Face to face communication between people is getting less and less. People can be in the same house, at the same time but in different rooms and instead of speaking to that person they text.

Advancement of technology has been good in some cases but in the case of people talking face to face, having human contact, interacting with each other, it has separated people more and that’s just sad.


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