There is a song by Rick Fair the name is “I am Forever Changed.” I woke up singing that at 12:30am this morning.

I have been through a lot in the many years I have been alive in which I needed healing of and I also have done a lot that needed forgiveness for but thankfully I was led to God by an awesome person God put in my life, my best friend and sister in Christ, Pat. He had plans all along…MASTER PLANS!

This is funny because that word came up this morning when I was spending time with God. He showed me a drawing compass and then I was standing in a field looking down at a set of master plans moving the compass down to the plans then looking up at the empty field. The plans were for a house. He spoke the words “Measured Plans” to me and it all just hit me and came together as I was writing this. His Master Plans the whole time was for me to serve Him. I just had to find my way to Him. Wow!!

It has been one awesome experience since giving my heart and life to God and I know its no where close to being over.

Like the song says…..I am forever changed! I will never be the same! Gods grace, mercy and forgiveness has changed me in a way I never thought could happen and I can’t wait to see what else He has planned for my life as well as Pats.



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