This morning in my early morning time that I spend with God, He asked something of me.

He directed me to Deuteronomy 14 and told me He wants me to do this. Deuteronomy 14 is about clean and unclean food and not eating the unclean.

I read it, then looked up what I can not eat, for me most of it is not that hard. I mainly eat chicken and turkey already and I then see pork is on there also, which I am not a pork eating person so I think… this isn’t going to be that hard but then I see 2 things. Most of my favorite seafood is on the list that I can not eat and then the biggest one that I completely looked over, did not register in my brain until like an hour later……BACON is pork!! Oh mercy! He knows everything!

I may need some people to pray for me on this! 🙂


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