I know its hard to not let those we come across each day effect our attitude for the rest of the day but think about the following…..

The person who is scanning your groceries may have gotten an eviction noticed because they don’t make enough money to live on.

The person behind the counter at the gas station you stopped at may have a Masters Degree but try as they might couldn’t get a job any where else.

The person serving you a meal may have a family member fighting cancer and feels lost at what to do next.

The person cleaning the stores at night may have a parent who has Alzheimer and is working 2 jobs to pay for their parents care.

Unless we are in that persons shoes and walk in their foot steps, we can never know what many people are going through.

Reach out to others….. like Jesus says….. love one another as I love you. Instead of saying or thinking something negative, pray for that person, after all wouldn’t’ you want to be treated the same way.



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