If Jesus Came Knocking at Your Door by me J.L. Russell 4/12/12

If Jesus came knocking at your door

Would you be any different than before

Would you have to search to find a Bible

Would you be able to repeat one verse of what

He preached while here on earth

If Jesus came knocking on your door today

Exactly what would you say

Would you act like you have a very loving heart

Even though you know you are far from that and more

Are you always raising a fuss

Letting words come out of your mouth

That would make some turn and run away in a rush

Do you look down on those not like you

Do you have hate and anger inside you

Do you turn away from those who are in need

Do you give back some of what the Lord gave to thee

You need to remember that He knows our very heart

He knew you before you were started

Rather than worry about what you might do

Stop all the fussing, cussing and the terrible things that you do

Stop being angry at what the world may have done to you

Get rid of the unforgiveness and the anger inside of you

Do your best to do what’s right

So if Jesus came knocking at your door tonight

You could open it wide and have nothing to worry about

And welcome Him inside with loving arms and a loving heart


There are 2 videos that go well with this. The name is “To The Faithful: Hold On–He’s at the Door!” and the other is “Let It Be Jesus” by Christy Nockels.



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