by Apostle Gabriel Cross God is your direction, the glory is your rearguard, and heaven has your back. Who can be against you, when Yahweh is for you? Your future is secure. You are in a fixed fight because the heavyweight champion of Love, has already won, for you, over 2000 years ago. You are […]

via Look Up With Expectancy! — Pure Glory

There are so many confirmations in this for me. The really awesome confirmation is the “18 Wheeler loaded” because in the early AM on 3/1/2017 He blessed me with a vision of Semi’s coming toward me filled and I hear the words “Truck Loads Coming.” I asked of what? He says “Provisions.” I asked for who? He said “For You Silly!” Yes, He does have a sense of humor at times. Thank you Lord for confirming our visions, your word and dreams through others. You Lord are an awesome God!


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