The Story of MyEars The Squirrel by Me J.L. Russell

Yes, this is MyEars. What can I do for you?


On the other end of the phone was the Mayor of Squirrelville. He was at home with his wife and had gotten an emergency call. MyEars I need your help, someone has broken into our main storage area and has stolen our winter harvest. I need to gather your men and try to find out who did it and where our food has gone to, the Mayor said.

myears mayor

MyEars quickly made a call and called in reinforcements who happened to be in the park practicing with their sabers.

myears lt saber

I need your help he told them…. grabbing his camera as he went.

myears camera

Hope you enjoyed reading the adventures of MyEars. Stay tuned for the continuing story of MyEars the Squirrel! 🙂



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