challenge 30 day

I posted this 2 years ago on my Facebook Ministry page and I am still writing.

Its very interesting to look back at some of the Thank You’s I wrote down over the last 2 years as well as the many answered prayers I and others received that I prayed for.

“I have a challenge for everyone and it starts today….
At the end of each day, for 30 days, write down no less than 10 things you are thankful to the Lord for. It may surprise you in one day how many you will have, try to make it different ones, not the same over and over. Write them in document, notebook, anything, so when you get to the end of the 30 days you can go back and read it. Pay attention throughout the day, it can be many things. He saved you from being in a crash. He blessed you with money you weren’t expecting. Someone was nice to you at a store. There were birds singing outside your window. A butterfly flew past you. He answered your prayer for someone else or the many other things, it’s up to you. Then share them with others, you never know, it just might change someone’s life because they have been looking more at the problems in their life than the blessings and it also may help you in the same way.”


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