Continuing Story Of MyEars Part 2……

myears playing cards

As he made his way to the crime scene tree MyEars came up on three guys playing cards and he thought….I wonder if they saw anything. Not one of them looked up from their cards when he asked….Have any of you seen a stranger around recently? Realizing he was getting no answers from them he decided to keep going and he came up on Jimmy Quick Hands.

myears shell game

You never know where you will find him. He sets his shell game up in different places trying to evade the police. Jimmy, have you seen any strangers around? MyEars asked. Nope can’t say I have, said Jimmy.

myears stop

As he was walking away from one group this very strange squirrel who had a weird look in his eyes came up to him and said… I saw a stranger and this stranger was huge, like this big! I bet you did and let me guess you saw bigfoot also, right?


I will get back to you on that, MyEars said and continued on his quest.

myears hands up

He continued on his way asking questions as he went. That’s when he came up on Red who was praying with his hands held high asking the Lord for help in finding who had stolen their winter harvest. We are all going to starve! MyEars heard Red say. Please help us find our winter harvest! said Red.

Stay tuned for more adventures of MyEars.



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