I feel very strongly that 2017 will be a year of change for many, especially those who are truly serving the Lord for His gain…. not theirs. Our God is an awesome God and when we give Him our heart and listen and obey Him and read His word great things will happen.

We need to remember to keep Him closer to our heart than anything else. To listen for Him to speak to us in the many ways He does….like….a bird outside your window, a whisper in the silence, a prayer being answered, in a dream, through another person, in a vision…..its not always a thunderous voice you will hear.

I feel we are going to see wondrous things, more miracles, more blessings and more word coming from our Lord. I pray you are one of the many who will receive the many things He has in store for us but you must stay strong in Him and not let doubt come in.

He recently blessed me these words.

“Shift out of mans ways. Shift into My ways…..

Let Me guide your steps, not man…..

Let the words of my mouth ring in your ears……

Live for me…..

I want to flow freely through the church and through your life’s.”

We must stay focused on Him every day and give Him the glory, honor and praise He deserves!


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