I Don’t Know What Happen~ By me J.L. Russell

I don’t know what happen. Tommy, Jim, Paul where are all of you? Where am I, where has everyone gone? I was with my buddies doing our duty in a far away country.
It was a usual day, doing what we have to do but something happen and it quickly changed my life with those I knew.
The sun was shining and then everything went black. I can’t see anything Mom. I don’t know where I am. Can anyone hear me? Wear did everything go? I don’t like it here Mom what is going on? I was with my buddies where did they go? Why is so black in here, Mom do you know?
Wait I see something Mom, a little light that is growing. Oh my Mom I wish you could see what I am seeing. I see Jesus in all His glory!
The light is all around me Mom. I feel so at peace. Oh the love I feel there are no words that can describe it. I heard about heaven but the words don’t do it justice. Its beautiful Mom and I know one day you will see it.
I know your heart is hurting and maybe you blame others for me no longer being there giving you hugs but Mom I am at peace now, I feel no pain and I know one day you will be feeling the same.
I know this may not bring comfort while your heart is hurting but Mom I am with the Lord, surrounded by those who went before me.
I know you no longer have my body to hug but Mom you have my memories that will keep you warm until one day we can again hug.
Please don’t hold any grudge or hate toward anyone because I am no longer with you. I am in a better place then I was before because now I am standing with our Lord.soldier


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