myears soilders..…

As MyEars came around a tree a gang of squirrels stopped him from going any further. MyEars knew there was a gang in the neighborhood but had never encountered them. Hey you! The leader said. Where do you think your going? He asked. Look I don’t want any trouble. MyEars told him. You just do your thing and I will do mine and we will be fine! MyEars said. I don’t think so! Said the gang leader. Before the gang could make a move, within a flash, MyEars had made a call and out of no where came the biggest squirrel you ever saw.

myeras muscle

The gang decided this guy was a little to big to fight and ran off quickly. Thanks! said MyEars. No problem. He said and then disappearing as fast as he showed up.

myears evidence

MyEars kept going, as he walked across a sidewalk he came up to a stump that had something suspicious on it so he stopped to check it out and as he was checking it out he heard someone yelling at him.

myears scream tree

He looked up and there was CC, everyone calls him that because he usually never misses a thing. What do you think your doing? CC screamed! Someone has stolen the winter harvest and I was hired to find out who! Said MyEars. Well, I can tell you its not me and there has been no one new in this part of the woods since McDuck went south for the winter! Said CC.

myears duckLOL!!

Keep an eye out for more adventures of MyEars.



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