Have you ever been in a city, your trying to get to your destination but you are constantly coming up on one-way streets, road blocks and other things. You may know where you want and need to go but getting there is another thing.

Life can be like those one way streets but we may have many detours that can come up in our life. To get to our destination we may take many roads, go past many detours, go the long way around to get there but if we’re persistent, if we stay strong and keep our mind on the place we want to end up at, we can’t help but get there.

Stay strong in faith, don’t let the many detours life can put in front of you make you lose your way. You can’t help but reach your final destination when you have Jesus as your GPS and Gods word as your pocket guide.

My final destination, HEAVEN, that’s where I want to be. How about you?detour


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