Continuing Story Of MyEars Part 4……

myears scream treemyears

Ok, Ok, MyEars yelled at CC and off he went.

myears police

As he walk by some bushes he heard a motorcycle and when he turned he saw it was his old friend Barney. Nice ride! MyEars said to Barney. Thanks MyEars! Said Barney. I heard about the winter harvest being stolen, have you gotten any leads yet? Said Barney. Not yet!

myears acorn

I had one guy who told me he saw a stranger but I think he may have had to much fermented acorn juice, if you know what I mean. He wasn’t all there and his eyes looked funny. Said MyEars. Well, if I can help out let me know. Said Barney. Off he went to patrol his beat.

myears massage

As he continued his quest MyEars came up on a squirrel getting a massage….yes….I said a squirrel getting a massage! LOL!! Have you two seen any strangers around? MyEars asked. Nope, can’t say we have. They both said. So off MyEars went.

myears blind

As He was walking he came up on Joe. Who was at his normal corner trying to get extra acorns from those who passed by. Hey MyEars! Joe said. Hey Joe! How did you know it was me? MyEars asked. Its not hard, you have a certain way of walking. Joe told MyEars. Hummmm. MyEars thought. Joe, have you heard any unfamiliar feet walking around here, say in the last day or so? Ask MyEars.

myears descies2

I did hear something early this morning and I called out to whoever it was but they kept going and never said a word. Said Joe. The steps sounded odd like a duck and a squirrel walking at the same time. Said Joe. A duck and a squirrel? Joe, I think you need to get out of the sun for a while! Said MyEars and off he went.

Watch for more of MyEars adventures.


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