Its not unusual for someone to start a conversation with me in stores and other places any more. If you knew me before a year or so ago, you would not know I was the same person. I was very quiet, didn’t say a lot when I went anywhere. Since giving my heart to God things have really changed and so have I. I now will even start conversations with others, as well as, others start conversations with me. The following is one of those conversations that happen a year ago today. I know he will not mind if I share his story.

Two awesome things happened! March 17, 2016 at 10:01am

I had an awesome encounter this morning at a store. A guy started talking to me and the next thing I know he is telling me his story about how he came to be saved.

He said he was riding his Harley one day and a vehicle came over in to his lane and he crashed head on into it and he died. He said he went to hell, there was no doubt where he was. You could see it in his eyes as he was telling it, like he was seeing it again. He said he still can remember the terrible smell and the screams. He screamed out for Jesus and he was brought back. He woke up in the hospital, with very serious injuries and found out that he was declared dead at one point. He gave his heart right then to the Lord and his life has never been the same since. He tells everyone he can about his experience with the Lord. I do not doubt he went through that. God works miracles every day and that day he was one of those miracles.

We talked for a while longer about people not believing in God or satan and he then said before the accident he did not believe in God at all. We talked a little more about the Lord and then he had to go. What an awesome encounter and blessing that was!

I love hearing these things! I have read stories like that but never talked to someone who actually had it happen.

Then the second thing was, I had just left the house, turned on the street beside the house and all of a sudden a dove was to my right on the edge of the road. I stopped not wanting to hit it. It looked up at me, then took a few steps, then stopped. Then looked at me, took a few steps and stopped, as it made its way slowly in front of the car. I sat there a good while as it did this. Then the dove finally made its way to the drivers side of the car and just stopped and looked right at me and then it slowly made its way over to the grass on the other side of the road.

I believe it was the Lord keeping me from some kind of harm if I hadn’t stopped. I thanked Him a lot that day for putting that dove in my path and for keeping me safe.

The next time you get behind a slow driver, get behind someone slow in the checkout lane, get a call when trying to leave to go somewhere……. in stead of fussing, thank the Lord, it could be Him keeping you from harm.

God is so AWESOME! A really great song for this is “He’s Still Here” by Christ August.

god is there2


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