Do you hear whispers from God? Do you hear Him speak louder than a whisper?

Think about those words. Have you or do you hear His voice?

Did He speak to you, telling you to do something? Was it a whisper or was it louder? God will speak to us in many different ways, from a whisper to a loud voice and everything in between.

It may have been a whisper, telling you not go some where. It may have been a whisper telling you go speak to that person, pray for them. It may be a little louder voice, telling you, no I think its best that you don’t do that or a louder voice saying flat out NO! Don’t go there, don’t do that, don’t listen to what that person is saying or the many other ways He will and can speak to you.

It may be in the form of a bird singing, a butterfly flying past you, in a sunset, a song that reminds you of His love for you or your love for Him, seeing a child smile or laugh or it may be through His word, the Bible!

For many its a very hard thing to do, stopping long enough to hear His voice. That voice that said no don’t leave just this minute, may have saved them from an accident. That person that kept them from leaving a place on time God put them there and it saved their life. That verse you read from His word that He really was trying to speak to you through but you didn’t want to hear it because the things of this world were calling you, that was God.

Yes, GOD still SPEAKS to us but we must be WILLING to listen. Are you listening?noise of world


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