Yes…. God does have a sense of humor! He has shown me this a couple times and made me laugh.

While praying last night I had a vision of a deer on top of a roof, it was stomping on the roof with its front legs. I laughed and told my best friend and sister in Christ (we pray together every morning and night), about the vision and that the deer was trying to make a hole to lower his friend down that was injured by a hunter, so it could be healed. You know like in the bible where they made a hole in the roof and lowered the guy down to be heal. I was just kidding.

Well…..this morning in my early AM prayer time with the Lord. Like most mornings I asked Him, Lord, please show or speak to me what you would like me to read. I hear “Mark 2”. I go to Mark 2, having no idea what is in that chapter. I know of the story but couldn’t tell you for anything where it was in the bible. Well……Mark 2 is about them lowering the guy down from the roof!! LOL!!!

sense of humor God yes

So YES! God does have a sense of humor!!!


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