I had a dream that I planted this very small seed; now and then coming back to make sure it was OK.


As time went by I saw something pushing its way up from the things that were keeping it in the dark. Little by little something grew from inside it. It was small at first but there was no doubt, it was exciting.

seed strong

Each time I looked it was getting stronger and I knew what was inside would keep growing. It took in everything around it, the warmth of the sun and the dew each morning. Before I knew it that seed grew into the most beautiful thing and all because of Gods’ loving grace.

seed growing

This is what it’s like for someone who is lost. The verse or words the Lord gives you to pass along may help someone to slowly become strong. At first what you say may seem to do no good but before you know it they are soaking in everything or you may never see the seed you planted grow but that’s OK. Either way you planted a seed for the Lord!

seed grow



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