Something the Lord Made by me J.L. Russell 7/17/13

He made the baby walk, the child talk, He even makes the time

to listen to you and me and hear our many pleas.

He wants what’s best for us, but at times we can not see

the plans He has for us so we turn away.

He made this world and what’s in it,

from a speck of dust to the human being.

He sent His Son to died for us.

How could we ask for more, Jesus gave His life for us.

He was crucified and died upon that cross for us.

I know He has forgiven me of my many sins

and know that He will be with me after my life comes to an end.

Because I am something the Lord made,

Yes, something the Lord made……..

How often do you pay attention to the things the Lord has made? Do you even give a second glance at the wild flower growing in your yard, the elderly person you walk pass, a child’s smile, the warmth of the sun or the beauty of a full moon at night? Think about it, how often do you stop and look at His creations, do you even give them a second thought?
We need to open our eyes and heart to everything around us, from the amazing and beautiful plants, to the elderly person. When we do this, our eyes and heart will become open to so much and hopefully it will grow as we take it all in, seeing Gods hands in everything around us.
Why not start today by really noticing everything around you, when you do, I know you will see the awesomeness of Gods touch.

mountain flowers


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