Think about it. We trust that when we start the car it will get us where we need to go. If we are vigilant with keeping everything up, the maintenance and all, we trust it will start for us but there are times when something goes wrong and for one reason or another one day it refuses to start, our trust in it starts to fade and when this happens many ask the million dollar question “Why now?” or “Why Me?”

Like a vehicle, many say they trust God but as soon as something happens, the car will not start, the pay check was short, the washer stopped working or the many other 1000’s of things that can happen, their trust in the Lord starts to fade.

The thing is that’s when we need to trust Him the most. Things will happen. The Lord says we will have trials but when we stay strong, keep our heart on Him and TRUST Him, there is nothing we can not get through.

Ask yourself this….Do I trust God with all parts of my life or do I limit Him? Really think about it, do you completely trust the Lord in all areas of your life?

trust in him



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