OK everyone! Need an interpretation of a dream I had last night. I really had this dream and it may make you laugh. I received some of what it means as I was typing this to a friend just a few  minutes ago.

My best friend and I were in either a church or building of some type with many stained glass windows in it and there was a big stained glass dome. As we were walking around this building with a guy who was showing us the place, we saw 2 boys. The one boy had a sling shot and the other just followed him around. We stood there watching as the one with the sling shot, who was a lot younger than the other, took out all the windows with marshmallows in his sling shot and the other would say….I am sorry but he is only shooting them with a marshmallow! The last one was the Dome…it shattered it many pieces falling down when he shot it with the marshmallow.

Like I said I received somewhat of a interpretation as I typed it to a friend. Just wondering if anyone else would receive anything from the Lord about it.


I did not eat pizza or anything odd last night and I don’t care for marshmallows so I know that’s not it. 🙂


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