The Lord wanted me to share this today. I feel its to help someone who He is speaking to. Yes, He still speaks to us!

On 4-23-2017 the Lord blessed me with the following vision and word.

I first saw bricks being stacked and heard the word “Restoration.” I then heard “I am restoring things for you.” “Everything will be put into it’s place.” He said.

Then I saw an odd looking plant. I asked, “What about it? The plant.” I then asked, “what does it mean?”

I received the following word from Him. He said, “Just like this plant, as it grows, it has levels, life.” “Going from a seed to being restored to its natural beauty.” “I am restoring things to you and Pat” (my best friend, prayer partner and sister in Christ). “You are growing into what I want.” “You are listening to Me (God) not man.” “This is what I seek.” “Stand on my word.” “I am a God of restoration and I God will do what I say.” “Listen for Me!” “I command an allegiance to me.” “I command people strong in faith.” “The Rock you stand on is of My Son.” “Now take a stand!” “Do not be swayed by man.” “You are either with Me or against Me, the choice is yours to take.” “Look for me everywhere!” “Look for me everywhere!” “Look for me everywhere!”

When you least expect it I am going to do something for you and Pat that will leave you both in shock, a good shock.” “I the Lord have spoken.”

Yes, God still speaks to us but we have to be willing to listen for His voice and word, which can come in many different ways.

I do not have the least bit of doubt the Lord will do just what He said. In His time and in His way, not mine. I will wait upon Him.

He speaks to each of us. Are you listening for what He wants to say to you?



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