A Poem I wrote on July 14, 2013.

Angels and Frisbee’s….

I know your heart is hurting

I know you have been through it

I know you’ve been with me

The whole time praying I would get through it

The day has come for me to go

But there are a few things I need you to know

Give my toys to kids who have none

Give my collectibles to those who would love them

But there are some things I want you to keep

To keep them close to maybe help you sleep

My bear with one eye, please place

On the mantel, so it may guide you

The afghan grandma made me please

Keep on your bed to warm you

Don’t cry or feel sorry for me

Because my soul has been set free

I know you love me and didn’t want me to go

But it’s my time to be with God you know

I know your heart is aching but in time

The pain will ease

Just know I am in heaven watching

The angels use their halos as Frisbee’s

children in heaven


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