I know there will be skeptics saying many different things about this but that’s ok, they can believe what they want to believe. I was awake, wide awake and there is not an ounce of doubt about what I saw and heard and that’s all that matters.

When my Mom passed away June 30, 2013 and the AWESOME blessing the Lord gave me.

I will do my best to put this into words but words will not do it justice.

I was finally able to doze off for a little bit. You see my Mom had Alzheimer’s and it had slowly taken her from us, we knew we were going to lose her at any time.

In the middle of the night, in the a.m. of June 30, 2013 God woke me up and as I was sitting up I all of a sudden I heard birds, LOTS and LOTS of birds sing from 3:00 to 3:45a.m. BIRDS!!

I then felt the need to pray and I did that for a little while, feeling it was for my Mom. I then felt the need to open my eyes and the next thing I knew I saw in front of me a deep red in color rose which was lit up, very bright. Then this amazing color rose turned into a cross, which was also very bright.

I then heard what sounded like 1,000’s of people singing, Holy, Holy, Holy is God almighty, over and over, the sound of it was amazing! After that I saw beautiful butterflies, one after another, flying up from a flowing wheat field, beautiful glowing butterflies! I can not come close to describing the colors of any of it, much less the sound of the singing.

Then the next thing I knew I saw bare feet, I was looking down at them, like you would do if you were looking at your own feet. Then I saw bare feet to the left of the feet I was staring down at. Then I was taken off to the right of them, standing off to the side. I could then see it was Jesus whose feet I had been looking at and beside Him was my Mom. Jesus was on the right side of my Mom and had her right hand holding His left hand and they were walking forward. My Mom was wearing a bright white robe. She was smiling, happy and her skin glowed and coming toward them I saw 1,000’s of people coming to greet them.

As this awesome vision ended I said out loud, they may not know it (my mom lives in MS) but Mom is in heaven now and then the phone rang. My sister in-law telling me my Mom was gone and I told her I know and exactly what time and she was in shock, there was no way I could know, living in Fl.

As my best friend and sister in Christ Pat and I were getting the last things loaded in car I was telling her everything God blessed me with seeing. As we were heading to Pats parents house to drop a few things off, I heard the birds again, like they were inside the car and asked Pat if she heard them, she said no. We left her parents home and headed toward the interstate. Not long after we got onto I-75, maybe 5 to 10 miles, heading north, I heard them again but this time Pat could hear them, like they were in the car with us!

(Pat words….This was SO awesome! It brought an incredible amount of peace to Janice to have been able to see what happened when her Mom entered Heaven. God is so awesome to give Janice Russell a glimpse into what was happening when it was happening. I was very blessed to have heard the birds while headed up I-75. They were SO loud that it sounded like the car was FILLED with birds. We were going 70 miles an hour so we were NOT hearing birds that were outside of the car.)

As we got closer to I-10 we saw the most beautiful rainbow and it lasted a very, very long time. We then got onto I-10 and after driving a while Pat decided to lay back in the seat and as I came up on Monticello, Fl (my Mom is from Monticello, Ms) a white dove flew past the windshield and just stopped in mid air, to the left of the car, looking straight at me and as I pasted it I looked into the mirror but it was gone.

After getting up to MS I told my brother, his wife and one of their daughter I had to tell them what God showed me. So Pat and I started telling them and they gasped, my sister in-law said just after my Mom passed away her daughter and her walked outside and they heard birds singing everywhere, this again was in the middle of the night, in the a.m.. God is so awesome!

It took me almost 2 years before my heart grieved for my mom but it grieves from missing her, not because of where she is at. You see there was no way I could feel sorry for my Mom, she is in the best place ever, in heaven, in Jesus’ loving arms.

Yes, my heart misses her very much, I would love to hear her voice and get a hug from her but I know one day I will have that and more when I get to heaven and what a day that will be!

heaven home3


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