My best friend and sister in Christ and I see birds a lot but lately we have been blessed with even more.

The last few days we have seen a big shallow-tailed Kite flying very low, below the limbs of the oak trees, right in front of where we live. They are so beautiful.

bird kite

We also are blessed with seeing a lot of Cardinals (I call Red Birds)


and not a day goes by hardly that I am not blessed with seeing doves every where I go.


So many miss out on Gods creation. Until 2 years ago when I started a challenge of writing down at least 10 things each day that you are thankful for God for, can be for yourself or others. I didn’t pay much attention to a lot of His creation.

Its now 2 years later and I am still writing at least 10 things down each day. It has really made me change how I see things. I am grateful to see a butterfly fly past. I love it when I see doves or cardinals. I notice people more and pray for or with them. It has been a real blessings. At first it was hard to think of 10 things, dont like writing the same thing over and over each day but that is no longer. My eyes are open to more of Gods creation than ever and I am thankful for that! I pray you start seeing the many things He has blessed us with.



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