armor down

I thoroughly believe if you give the devil an inch he will take a mile. It just takes a minute of us dropping the armor of God for the devil to learn how to get to us and how he can take advantage of our weakness.



When you have given the devil the inch he needed and he took advantage of it and will continue to take advantage, unless you put a stop to it.

jesus my rock

Its when we stand on the Rock (Jesus), staying strong in our faith that we can fight against anything he tries to throw at us.


I know in my dreams the last couple of nights I have been battling things not only for me but for many I know and last night apparently the Lord showed my sister in Christ, best friend and roommate one of those battles. She said she heard me in the living room, this was in the early AM; I yelled GET OUT! It scared her to the point of shaking. I believe it was something that followed me home, the devil, thinking he could get an inch in our home. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! He didn’t get his way! By the way I was sound asleep, deep sleep, not in the living room.


I refuse to let the devil get his way in my life and I will fight for myself and others and I refuse to let him get a mile, a foot or an inch in this home, in our life!


Jesus is the Rock on which I stand and devil you will not have your way, not in this house, not in Pats life, nor mine. We worship only one and that is our God, the great “I Am”, the Maker of everything, the One who gives life, the One who shows us mercy, grace, forgiveness and love beyond anything we deserve and JESUS is and will always be the only SAVIOR!

So get behind us devil! We have the armor of God upon us and we will not let, not in the least bit, a piece of it fall, much less be lowered.



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