The Lord has been blessing me with visions and speaking to me things many things lately and its so cool when we receive confirmations.

This past Sunday, 6/25/17, I no sooner sat down in the early AM to spend my quiet time with God, when I heard “This is the day. This is the time. For all to fall into place. Hold on tight.”

This morning I get on my facebook page and what do I see? Someone posted a picture with the words “Indeed, the appointed time has come.” Also the same person posted a picture that said “Yes, it has already been decided by the Lord.”

Then I went to a Sunday service and I was blessed with a vision of 2 gold bands (rings).

The Lord has been speaking to me many things in the last week that is included in the words that were with the picture of the rings.

This is what was written with the gold bands picture……

“Our Faithful Creator God has kept His promise to us. Revelation has become manifestation and in ways beyond our comprehension, our hearts have been knit together.

Confirmation after confirmation has been there and now, we are rapidly moving forward into the fullness of the promise that has been unfolding in our lives. All obstacles have been removed and the path we are on has been made clear.

Leaving the past behind, we are fully embracing the new thing God is doing for us and through us. No more doubts or fears, only confidence and boldness, as we run with this promise of God.

As never before, things have lined up and the blessings of our dream have been seen at every turn. Truly, we are seeing God restore it all and in ways far beyond anything we have imagined.

Miracles and breakthroughs are already happening; this is our season of suddenlies. Now is the time, now!!

Dreams are coming true, SUDDENLY!!!”

It so cool when we receive confirmations to what He blesses us with. I will never get tired and never want to get use to the many things He does for us.

Thank you Lord for being so gracious, so loving, so merciful and so forgiving to us all and thank you Lord for blessing many with words, dreams and visions from you.

visions dreams


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