Mark 3. A house divided can not stand. The devil loves nothing better than to divide people. Jesus spoke of this in Mark 3:25 If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

When you have division among people, whether its in a home, a group or a church. If there is division, sooner or later something will break and there will be a separation among them.

We must stand strong, stand united in our love for God. We must not waver, stumble, lose hope, hesitate or anything else.

Jesus is the Rock on which we must stand! When we plant our feet on that Rock and refuse to be moved. Refuse to let anything of this world, anything the devil tries to throw at us, move us even an inch off of that rock, we can then get through anything!

There is also something else we can do. We can put the WHOLE armor of God on. By holding on tight to each piece, there is nothing in this world that can or will move us away from our God.

Tell the devil today that this is his day to be evicted! That he will no longer be aloud to attack you, your family, your friends or anyone else! That you are now one of Gods Warriors and you stand united with others and he will not get his way! Let him know he will not move you and he will no longer be aloud to divide any more!



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