I heard God speaking to me to get up about 2 hours ago. I already had laid down to go to sleep for the night. He had something to say and to show me and this is what I heard and saw.

I heard the words “Plenty more to come.” I then see off to my right many BIG cans line up beside each other, laying on their sides, (they looked like the old gas cans but really big) with a little space in between them and they all had an opening. There were so many I could not see the end of them.

I saw something pouring out from the opening and I knew it was “anointing oil” being poured upon others on this earth…

Will you receive the anointing the Lord has for you or will you walk away? Remember, there is a heavy responsibility that comes with it. We should never use it for our gain but always for HIS gain. Our gain/reward will be when we are received into heaven. His gain is the celebrating in heaven when someone receives the Lord into their heart.

God has blessed us all with a gift or gifts…. His God given gift/gifts. Its up to each of us if we use them or not. I pray you don’t walk away from what His plans are for you. I can not come close to explaining what you feel when you spend time with Him in His presence. Its beyond words, beyond description. May you always feel His presence in your life.



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