My Mama prayed! I am so glad she did! Even though she is in heaven, her prayers are still being answered. Remember even long after your gone, your prayers are still active in Gods ears.

Five years ago today the Lord called you home. We miss you Mom. Thank you for praying for me Mom!

The Day My Mom Meet Jesus by me J.L. Russell

She was at one time so full of energy and she loved to sing. As she got closer to God her songs became all about Him. You could see it and hear it when she spoke about her Lord; she loved Him dearly that’s for sure.

As time went on, the terrible disease Alzheimer’s slowly took the once strong, loving, and full of energy person from us. Her body slowly grew weaker, her mind slowly slipped away; every now and then she would say something that would touch the deepest part of your heart.

I will always have memories of her in my mind; the greatest one of all is when God blessed me with seeing her walking into heaven with Jesus by her side.

Her body is no longer hurting, her mind has been made new and she is singing in heaven I know with many others too.

Even though we lost someone we truly love, she is praising the Lord in heaven and that’s the greatest thing of all.

Miss you so much Mom! The day I see you again will be a day I can only imagine right now but I know one day I will see that awesome smile and your beautiful face and I will get something I have missed for a very long time…..a hug from my Mom who I dearly love.

mom jr by river



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