The Shedding of our Turtle Shell by me J.L. Russell 6/22/2018

I was thinking how it may be when we receive our heavenly bodies and what came to mind to me is a turtle and its shell.


Think about it. When a turtle dies, the shell is what’s left behind, after the body fades away.

turtle shell

When we have surrendered our heart to the Lord and have taken our last breath we shed our earthly body and receive our heavenly body. We leave behind the shell of the body we used while here, our turtle shell. (Laughing and smiling a little here.)

heavenly body

When it comes to you and your turtle shell which are you? What are you doing with your turtle shell? What is happening with the body inside the turtle shell? Do you at times pull yourself back into your shell when life events come your way? Hoping that it will just go away.

turtle retract

Are you someone whose body has not fully grown into their shell? Maybe you are an adult but still act like child in some ways.

turtle grow

Are you someone who may have a hard shell on the outside but on the inside you may be crying out for help?

turtle help

Do you pour alcohol or drugs into the body that’s inside your turtle shell hoping to drown the pain away that you are feeling?

turtle drink

Are you one who likes to seek thrills and the body inside the shell as well as the shell has suffered many injuries?

turtle injured

Has your turtle shell itself suffered verbal or physical abuse, maybe showing signs of abuse, like bruises and other injuries and making you withdrawal into your shell?

turtle scars

Like the turtle, as months and years go by, our outer shell grows with our inner shell.

turtle growth

With some their shell may show many scars of their life’s journey, like wounds, dents, maybe even some missing pieces.

turtle scars3

With others there may be deep wounds hidden underneath the shell deep inside the heart of the body. They don’t think anyone cares so they keep it to themselves.

You don’t have to have been upon this earth for a long time for your turtle shell and the body inside it to show signs of your life’s journey.

turtle 5

Some people go through more in a few years than others go through in a life time. Their turtle shell and their body showing the signs of what they have gone through.

Some peoples shell doesn’t show any kind of damage to the outside or the inside. They were able to stay strong through it all, not letting most things get to them and unless you knew them and what their shell has been through you would never know.

There are also times being a turtle can be a good thing. You take it slow, being cautious, not wanting to jump from one thing to the next.

turtle slow

If you know the Lord, you may ask for, look for and receive the Lords guidance in every step you take, well, every small movement you take, remember I am still talking about being a turtle here. (Laughing and smiling here!)

Of course you could be like the rabbit, constantly doing things, wearing the body out. Not getting enough rest. Doing so many things that nothing gets your full complete attention.

turtle rabbit

For me I think I will stay a turtle. I like my shell. Yes, I wish it didn’t have the dents, the injuries. I wish my turtle shell, as well as, the turtle body hadn’t gone through what it did in the (purposely leaving the :-)) many years I have been living out.

You see everything I went through, all the decisions I made, the things I saw, the life I lead, has brought me to where I am now.

I didn’t come to know the Lord until July 2006. I knew of Him but didn’t know Him! Many are that way! They know of Him but they truly don’t know the Lord.

Yes, my turtle shell, my earthly body shows many marks of my life’s events but I now have a new body, a new heart! A new heart in Christ!

My shell went through many things but it survived and I am still here! I have given my life to my Lord and Savior, to do as He wills. I completely trust Him to do the things He says He will do.

The heart inside the body of my turtle shell has been made whole. He has taken away the scars that were upon it. He has given me a new shell, a new body inside the shell!

turtle flames

The life the Lord has blessed me with since I surrendered my life to Him has been awesome! I know He has lots more plans for me and my turtle shell and what were scars, injuries, marks and others things that my shell and body endured will help others get through what their turtle shell has been through or are going through.

I can never thank Him enough for allowing me the honor and the privilege for trusting me to do what He is wanting me to do.

I know when I take my last breath and leave my turtle shell, finished the race and get to heaven, I will receive a whole new body. One that is healed of everything. One that is made whole. I will have left the shell behind.

turtle finish


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