Sunday, 7/1/2018, the Lord blessed me with these words-

The Temple in the stone is the Lions Gate. Structure means everything and the Gate is important. You must enter the Gate to get to the Temple but to get inside the Temple you need an entrance and what is the entrance, the Lions Gate.”

I had no idea whatsoever of what He was speaking about. I thought OK Lord, not sure what this even means.

After I finished posting and blogging what He spoke for me to do. I typed in the words “Bible, Lions Gate” and pressed search. I would say I was surprise but instead I will say He is awesome, because what I found is one of the gates in Jerusalem is called the “Lions Gate.” The wall is made of stone and yes, the one temple is inside but that’s not what He is talking about. The Temple the Lord is speaking about is underneath the ground. He says there is an ancient Jewish temple there at the Lion’s Gate!

God is so awesome! I know one day they will find the Temple. I have no doubt at all its there!

lions gate

god speaks


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