Lost Their Way by me J.L. Russell 4/12/2012

So many have lost their way

So many don’t believe they can be saved

They believe the things they have done can’t be forgiven

They think they are domed to be with satan

What they are thinking is terribly wrong

If they would just read the Bible

They would find out that they can be forgiven

The just need to get their heart right with the Lord

And from that moment on try to sin no more

None of us are perfect and the Lord knows it

That’s why He shows us mercy and forgiveness

Because even when we try to do what’s right

Sometime during the day we most likely did something that’s not

It may have been something we thought, said or did

That’s why we need to ask for His mercy and forgiveness

So don’t think you are to far gone to be saved

Because Jesus died on the cross to give you the choice of being saved

Don’t be one of the lost be one of the saved

After all it’s better to have an eternity of peace in heaven

Instead of eternity of suffering and pain

grace is 3


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