JAR: This is you.

ROCKS: The MOST important things in your life.

PEBBLES: Important things, but things you can live without if you had too.

SAND: Things you like to do that usually take time from the important things.

WATER: God, who holds us together

You would think the jars are full but they are not full you can still add water. Like these jars of rocks, pebbles, and sand by adding water you take up more space. Even when you pour water in there will be air pockets so really it’s never completely full.

Now think of the jars as your heart. You can never fill it up enough with Gods love, there will always be space for more of Him inside you. You just have to make time for Him and draw closer to Him each day.

We can never have enough of the Lord in our life. May we keep seeking, learning and growing in Him every day.

jars rocks

fill me 2


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