Tuesday 7/24/2018

I hear – “The Heads of State will be gathering together to discuss a plan of strategizing on how to overtake a foe. One on which there has been no conclusion on their stance with the United States. This will be done in secret. There will be some royalty in the room one which they know nothing about. Their process is good but they are going about it in the wrong way. Bring it to Me (God) and I will guide them but they want things their way which is a mistake. One in which it will come back to haunt them. Strategize all they want but unless they come to Me (God) there will be no peace!”

“Contemplate this, if I God were to give them what they are wanting, the land on which they are after, they would want more. It will come crumbling down on their heads.”

“For instance when the dome falls and it will. There will be a discovery, one of utmost importance. One which will change everything.”

Then later I hear “The California Earthquake of 1952 will happen again. This time much worse. One of upmost destruction. Pales in comparison to one another.”

Then I hear very strongly – “Prophecy this! The future is always up in the air for most. Some will even laugh at the future thinking they have it all figured out but they are wrong! You have heard the saying Killing two birds with one stone. Watch what I (God) will soon do! I will be getting rid of one problem in which will take care of another. Yes indeed, killing two birds with one stone! Now prophecy that!”

gods word6


One thought on “Very powerful word from the Lord this morning!

  1. I do not watch the news, haven’t in years. I don’t keep up with what is happening or has happened in the world. I spend most of my time listening to the Lord. I just know the Lord says what He does and does what He says and He told me to post all that He spoke this morning.


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