The Lord said to read Ezekiel 37:12-15 early this morning so I did and as I was reading it I received something very different from it.

These three verses are so powerful! Think about it. He will open our grave and we will come out of that grave and be filled with His Spirit and we will know God did it!

What is our grave? It’s this world and our sin. When we come to God, surrendering ourselves over to Him, allowing Him access to our heart, what is He doing in the process? He is bringing us up out of our grave!

We were dead. Our sins were holding us in our grave but once we asked forgiveness and gave Him our heart….well….. our once buried, sinful shelf, become alive! He delivered us out of our grave! Wow!

I would have never thought of these 3 verses in this way but God has many ways of speaking to us if we will listen. I tell people read His word, because we should read it and also if you don’t read it, how do you know what someone is saying to you about it is true, unless you read it. The other reason is because just like this verse, you could read it right now and it speaks one thing to you, then an hour later, you read it again and it can speak something totally different. Just because you have read the Bible from front to back maybe many times doesn’t mean a thing because that was then and this is now. It’s no telling what you are missing out on, the things He would reveal to you through it, if you opened His word up and read it.

I read these three verses many times before and most likely understood it the same way most of you did but not today! God is so awesome!

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