A word and visions He blessed me with a while back and is speaking to post it this morning.
God is shaking the Nations! God is grabbing people by their ankles and shaking them to their core!
I had went to bed early last night but the Lord had other things in mind. He started blessing me with visions and word so I got back up.
One of the things the Lord showed me was a vision of someone, this gigantic angel walking into a Church, grabbing someone by their ankles and turning them upside down, shaking them very hard.
What would you do if someone did this to you? Shaking you until you felt your teeth were going to fall out. Well, this is what I saw the Lord doing. Many will be in shock!
I then hear the following word – “I am sending my angels into the churches, the buildings, the homes. I am going to start shaking people to their very core! I had enough of those who just sit idly by! Who show no emotion, who show no praise! I had enough! I the Lord am coming and my angels will be doing my bidding. The very core of the Churches and the people in them are going to change! I seek those who come to Me with opened hearts! There is coming a stirring of My Spirit into the buildings and the people like never before! I am pouring an anointing, a fire into many across this world! You can be one of those who will receive the shaking or like a building built on the wrong foundation and collapse. I will not repeat this again! I will not change My mind! Arise and stand up for Me! Arise and let the whole world know whose you are! Stop sitting idly by showing no emotion! Have you not read My word? Have you not heard how My servant David danced before Me? How My people celebrated with music and song when they were delivered from Pharaoh. The time has come! My Spirit will be poured upon the very young and the very old, women and men. I am picking many up by their ankles, trying to shake off their old self and installing the new.” Ezekiel 36:26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.


4 thoughts on “Saw a gigantic angel walking into a Church grabbing someone by their ankles.

    1. Thank you mytwarrior1! The Lord is speaking through many this year and I pray those who hear it that it sinks deep into their heart.


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